Things to Know About OSLA

Welcome to OSLA

Servicing student loans is not a new venture for us. We have been servicing loans for 50 years! We know loan servicing and pledge to provide our customers with accurate information and courteous assistance in order to help them successfully manage repaying their student loans.

Commitment to New Customers

OSLA's long-term goal is to continue to provide exceptional customer service for borrowers who have received student loans owned by the U.S Department of Education. OSLA has devoted considerable time, energy, and resources to become a federal contractor with the knowledge that our loan servicing product is exceptional and we will provide that service to our new Direct Loan customers.

Exceptional Customer Service

From January 2006 through October 2007, OSLA was recognized as an Exceptional Performer by the U.S. Department of Education by meeting and exceeding the standards established for participants in the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program by the Department. Electronically or over the phone, you choose what’s best for you! OSLA is available to customers via the web at, by email, by mail, toll free phone, and onsite meetings. Borrowers may review account information, make payments and learn about deferments, forbearances, and payment plan options from our website. Additionally, a borrower may call our customer service department and ask questions about repayment in order to make the best decisions about managing their student loans.

High customer satisfaction is the single most important strength of OSLA. Our borrowers have been surveyed randomly for many years. Positive responses are given by our customers on a regular basis. OSLA staff is consistently rated by customers in the 90 percentile with good or excellent customer satisfaction ratings. Learn more