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Frequently Asked Questions

Payment due date options after prepayment or overpayment

Prepayments or overpayments are amounts paid in excess of your minimum monthly payment due. Unless we receive other directions from you, any additional amount received that exceeds the amount due will be considered a prepayment to your account and will advance your payment due date. For each full monthly payment amount received, your payment due date will be advanced by one month.

Advancing payment due date means you will not have a monthly payment due for the number of months your account has been prepaid. For example, if your monthly payment is $150 and you pay $300 on your January due date, your next payment due date will be extended by one month to February. Interest will continue to accrue during the period until your next payment due date. Your prepayment effectively pays your next month in advance and may not be in your best interest if your intent is to pay off your loans early.

Do not advance due date is an option you have available. Not advancing your due date means prepayments or overpayments will not affect the timing of your next required minimum monthly payment. Your next payment will be due the following month. Choosing this option helps you pay down your loan faster and is easy to do. Simply write one time or recurring special instructions “do not advance my due date” on your payment coupon included with your check mailed to our lockbox; edit your EZ Pay instructions to include “do not advance my due date”; call us at 1-800-456-6752; or email at

Co-signer Payments for FFEL Serviced Loans


Co-signers can make payments by telephone at 800-456-6752, or may send payments by postal mail to: Oklahoma Student Loan Authority, PO Box 268885, Oklahoma City, OK 73126-8885.