If your OSLA account number does not begin with the letter F or number 8, please stop and read the word of caution below. For borrowers whose account number begins with the letter F or number 8, you have a Direct Loan and please continue.

Mailing a payment: Please include your OSLA account number on your payment. When mailing a payment to this address, your Account Number must begin with the letter F or number 8 (Example: F800112200):
US Department of Education - OSLA
P.O. Box 4278
Portland, OR 97208-4278

Mailing Direct Loan correspondence (Not for Payments):
P.O. Box 18475
OKC, OK 73154-0475
A word of caution: If your Account Number begins with a zero with no alpha characters (Example: 012345678) you are an OSLA FFELP Customer. Using any of these addresses will cause significant delay with submitted payments or paperwork. Instead, please login to your FFELP account to make a payment or get the correct mailing address.