If your OSLA account number does not begin with the letter F or number 8, please stop and read the
word of caution
 below. For borrowers whose account number begins with the letter F or number 8, you have a
Direct Loan
 and please read on. If your account is currently set up for automatic payment withdrawals through KwikPay®, changes were implemented on 4/26/13 that could affect your account.
  • Previously, KwikPay® would not withdraw payments if your account was paid ahead or delinquent. Now, if your loans are in repayment and your account is paid ahead or delinquent, KwikPay® will withdraw the minimum monthly installment due for each group.
  • If your account is in forbearance or deferment, KwikPay® will be suspended and the interest rate discount will also be suspended. Once the forbearance or deferment ends, Kwikpay® will resume as originally processed.
If you choose to cancel or change your KwikPay®, please note your request must be received 10 days prior to your payment being withdrawn in order for your change to take effect. If you have questions, please contact OSLA. Our contact information is available upon sign-in to Manage My Account.

KWIKPAY® is a registered trademark of Nelnet Inc.; all rights reserved.

Making an online payment: To make an online payment, or to view your
Direct Loan
 account information, click on

Mailing a payment: Please include on your payment your OSLA account number. When mailing a payment to this address, your Account Number must begin with the letter F or number 8 (Example: F800112200):
U.S. Department of Education, P.O. Box 530278,
Atlanta, GA 30353-0278

Send all other Direct Loan correspondence, but not payments to:
OSLA, P.O. Box 18475, OKC, OK 73154-0475

A word of caution: If your Account Number begins with a zero with no alpha characters (Example: 012345678) you are an Key
FFELP Customer
. Neither of the addresses on this page will work for you. Using them will delay your paperwork significantly. Rather, please login to your FFELP account to make a payment or get the correct mailing address.